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Be You

Here at NoFront we focus on being us, so we suggest you be you.  Were a team of producers with the goal of bringing some original works of musical art that really stand apart from other stuff you might come across. We love our performances to have as much energy as repeated splits of an Atom, with a bit less radiation. We were started in Northern Cali, now we stretch from Cali to Nevada. We pride ourselves on precision engineering with a unique perspective and vision on transforming tracks to a whole new condition you didnt know it could reach, without some serious genie wishing.

Meet the team:


Producer/Head Engineer

C.worth is a Sacramento born producer/engineer based out of Reno. Graduating from the Conservatory of the Recording Arts and Sciences, he then worked with many of the Bay Areas premier artists while working at 17 Hertz studios in Hayward, CA including : Da Hoodstarz, The Jacka(rip), San Quinn, Arkaydion, and many others he has since become enthralled on the evolution of the “future beats” movement and has performed alongside Yheti, Love n Light,and Shlump. Focused on creating new sounds and blending them with traditional beat making he continues to explore both chaos and structure thru his music.

Zachary Hinchcliff

Producer and Mixing/Post Audio Engineer
Washington Born, California Raised Producer that excels at intricate cuts, frequency modulations, and thoroughly mixed product. He’s been performing remixed sets of original hits since about 2007. Catch him casually conducting quality collections of sick synthesized hits mixed, matched, modulated with those perfect waves so you find that mix will pump each sub so every low bass frequency hit. Whether he’s working on Hip Hop, Glitch, Some Original Hit, or just some Bass Music expect to hear it at the club or even the next event invite you get.

Methods of Tuning Your Kick Drum

Tuning kick drums is especially important for genres like EDM. Luckily there are a few types of ways to to tune a kick. 1.) The first method is to just use a drum synthesizer like SA Kick. This will allow you fully tune a kick with just a few clicks. 2.) The second... read more

Meet BricksBuild….

California native, Peter Guissi born april 9th, 1987, he grew up in the rural town of Sonora in Tuolumne county. Somewhat of a social butterfly he found that he had a natural ability to entertain people of all ages through his antics and enthusiasm for producing fun... read more

Random Top Tips From Random Producers

Here is some Random Advice From some Random Producers: Beat-making is an art.   Beat-making is part art, part science. If you want to become great (or even competent) with music production, you have to work both sides of the coin. Ignore either and pay the price.... read more

The Heist

Some Delicious Classic Tracks C.Worth and Zach Hinchcliff produced back 2 Years Ago. Look on the horizon for some new clean collaborations that both sides our cortexes have been syncing up to bring and release... read more

Hello All, We are NoFront.

We are an eclectic group of people focused on bettering the world through raw energy, open minds, and a willingness to learn from one another. We provide creative solutions and a platform for all Audio/Art related works  ... read more

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